The Creative Wanderer Podcast Episode Twelve: Autonomy

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We are almost at the end of our Artist’s Way journey, dear Creative Wanderers. We have travelled such a long way and this week has beautiful treasures in store for us. Now is the time to reap some wonderful creative rewards and pamper ourselves and our artist child within.

This week’s chapter reads like a love letter to our creative self. We have reached the point on our wanderings where we give ourselves permission to be artists. We are stepping into our independence as we come to terms with the fact that a creative life is fluid and not set in stone.

Julia shares a plethora of her own personal tips on how to set boundaries when it comes to our artistic Autonomy. It is our very own acceptance of ourselves as artists and creatives, and our proclamation of who we truly are, that grants us this state of self-governance.

As we journey closer and closer towards self-acceptance, we realise that most of the time our creative lives exist outside societal norms and their definition of Success. Creativity is a restless beast — as soon as we reach our desired result a new goal post is raised. We walk away with a firm understanding that our creativity and our work is the reward and we finally leave behind our cravings for outside approval or public acclaim. Producing work to fit the mould of “what is expected of us as artists” can seriously stultify our growth. Success teaches us to leave space for wonder and expansion in our creative expression.

This incessant creative drive towards exploring new territories is greatly helped by our daily exercise routines and Sports we engage in. We learn how to turn those into moving meditations, which fuel our work and keep us moving forward, blasting through creative blocks when they appear. Exercise routines mirror the creative process and reinforce our understanding of creativity as a step by step process rooted in small and gradual achievements.

We conclude our meanderings by building our very own Artist’s Altar — an act of self-nurturing and self-love. The Altar reinforces the fundamental principle of a creative process — the doing. Whatever that space is for you, it should inspire you to action whenever you work with it.

Image of Ellen Sinclair © Sonya Hurtado

Ellen Sinclair is our featured creative this week. Ellen is a Life Coach and Reiki Master. She has been practicing since 2016 when she launched her practice Your Best Possible World. From an early age Ellen was fascinated by the big questions: “Why are we here?” and “ What’s it all about?”. For Ellen, philosophy is not merely theoretical but rather a way to approach life with curiosity and open awareness. This path led her to discover her natural gifts as a healer and initiative coach.

Ellen was first initiated as a Pranic healer, and later trained as a Reiki practitioner, eventually becoming a Reiki Master. Ellen’s healing practice has evolved to incorporate crystals, sound vibration and aromatherapy, which amplify her channelled healing energy. She augments her healing work with coaching conversations to offer clients a holistic service. You can find out more about Ellen and her work on her website:

Don’t forget to tune in to the next episode: Week Twelve of The Artist’s Way — Recovering a Sense of Faith.

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