The Creative Wanderer Podcast Episode Seven: Abundance

What a juicy week this was for The Creative Wanderers, as they worked out their relationship with God, money and luxury.

They get theological and discuss their connotations of God, Universe, Life-Force, and they come to an understanding of ‘It’ by breaking the definition down and researching the derivation. Remembering that this ‘entity’, however one calls it, is on our side and wants us to create, because ‘It’ creates.

Emilija gets all ‘Star Wars’ and feels the force as she ‘sees beyond the physical’.

They deep dive into that major creativity blocker, Money and discuss how they have ancestral and ingrained toxic beliefs about it.

Jo discusses the dichotomy of ‘creating lack’ and ponders the heavenly scent of a punnet of fresh British strawberries.

Emilija discusses how our ‘havingness’ level and how abundant we feel within changes our ability to attract affluence.

They wander up and down Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid and realise that life is best lived from the top down. Should you like to know, more please see the link:

Emilija and Jo work their way out of that age-old-adage that art is not ‘a proper job’ and unravel years of indoctrination that we must toil and sweat and be on our knees at the end of every day to feel successful.

Thankfully, they come to realise that creativity and the Life-Force are expansive and playful — hoorah!

They get out of the ‘lack-trap’ and into luxury and it’s creative nature. They implore you to go out and find luxury in the everyday, especially in seemingly simple things.

Jo talks about her beautiful cat, Ziggy, how joyful he is and how much of a luxury it is to have such a pet in her life.

At the end of the day, Emilija and Jo think that we should all embrace the giddiness of life.

Don’t forget to tune into the next episode: Week 8 of The Artist’s Way — Recovering a Sense of Connection.

Should you want a creative companion, The Creative Wanderers are very happy to be able to offer you their support in a number of ways: E-mail them to let them know what you are enjoying or indeed what you are struggling with (; follow them on Instagram (@cre8tive1derer) and share any pictures, quotes you have been inspired by or affirmations which resonate with you.

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