The Creative Wanderer Podcast Episode Nine: Strength

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This week The Creative Wanderers embark on an epic adventure to recover their sense of Strength, through realising that they have survived creative losses and lived to tell the tale.

Emilija & Jo face the Ivory Power of academia head-on, breaking down the differences between intellectual and creative mindsets. They come to an understanding that people who choose to teach an artistic subject are very often blocked artists and creatives themselves and that many are stuck within shouting distance of their dreams.

They park their ego in the ‘ego-park’ and remind themselves that age is just a number and that creativity is timeless. It doesn’t matter how old or how young one is, when you feel the need to create, you should just crack on.

It takes small steps to make big leaps and the creative process mirrors the same pattern. Filling the Form helps us make the daily creative drudgery fun as well as keep the drama of catastrophising at bay.

Digging deep and healing their Losses led them to a treasure trove of Gains. The Creative Wanderers suggest that like them, you maintain a sense of hope and go ‘mining for the silver lining’.

Natasha Anne Kelleher, our featured creative this week, is an actress and published poet who thoroughly enjoys the Creative Wanderer Podcast and Instagram account. Her poetry serves as a conduit to project her perceptions of, and passions in life. She started writing poetry around the age of 19 and has written ever since. Natasha’s next goal is to write a novel, screenplay or play. She recently wrote a poem for Imagine Project which was commissioned by @CultureMileLnd in association with the Barbican Centre. Natasha’s poem entitled WOMANHOOD has been commissioned and published on the Barbican Life Magazine Website and she will be having further poems published on their website @BarbicanLife. You can see more of Natasha’s poems on her website EMOETRY at or on her fantastic Youtube poetry channel called VERBOSIO WORDS WORDS WORDS:

Natasha’s Instagram handle is @trailblazer55

Don’t forget to tune into the next episode: Week Nine of The Artist’s Way — Recovering a Sense of Compassion.

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