The Creative Wanderer Podcast Episode Four: Power

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Our Artist’s Way journey this week was dynamic and robust. We took a closer look at the strong emotional states that resurface when we step into our creative power and examine the experience of synchronicity.

Emboldened by our sense of safety and identity we venture out into new territories. Our creative reach expands and we are tasked with taking more and more responsibilities for our creative expression.

However, our old habits and outdated patterns of behaviour are not very keen on expanding with us and rear their ugly heads in the guise of anger and shame.

We give anger the due respect it deserves and recognise it as a sign of healing. When directed properly we realise that anger is a “tough love” friend, a force which moves us from inertia into action.

We have learned that art is a great illuminator, which shines light on the darkest of our secrets. Very often artists and creatives get shamed for exposing truth. Still, this act of bringing dark to light is very much needed for humanity to heal its wounds.

Shaming is very closely followed by criticism and this week we have learned to distinguish between the criticism that helps and the criticism that damages. Empowered by this tool we gain even more clarity on who to let into our Sacred Circle.

Jo spoke about gentle growth in our creative “hatchery” and how growth occurs in spurts. The need for solitude and kindness towards one self is key in the “rest” period of our creative life. Jo also gave invaluable advice about self-love to Emilija who always tends to run a hundred miles an hour!

Synchronicity also takes root in our lives as a string of “happy-accidents”. The trick is to recognise this ‘lucky’ streak as help, as a gift by divine grace, and not look the gift horse in the mouth, or even worse, return the horse. All of us are indeed powerful co-creators with life itself.

Emilija and Jo have experienced incredible synchronicity in the early stages of their own journey as The Creative Wanderers. Emilija’s journalist friend Beverley D’Silva actually interviewed Julia Cameron about her new book “The Listening Path” for BBC Culture — only a mere couple of weeks after Beverley and Emilija spoke about The Artist Way and Emilija’s intention of creating a podcast about it. Well, that was definitely the Universe showing us synchronicity!

The link to the BBC Culture article can be found here:

Beverley D’Silva is our featured creative this week. Like many creatives, Beverly has a multitude of strings to her bow. She has worked as an editor and writer for the Sunday Times, Breathe and BBC Culture online among many other outlets. As well as a keen interest in the arts, she writes about wellbeing and health, and has covered a host of related topics, from breathing to meditation, neurofeedback, to her ancestral roots in Sri Lanka. In 2018 she qualified as a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator, after having trained with the practice’s co-creator, Dr Judith Kravitz. Beverley is also a sound healer, and is training to work with groups with the Sound Healing Academy.

See her profile on the Transformational Breath UK website:

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