The Creative Wanderer Podcast Episode Five: Integrity

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3 min readApr 3, 2021


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This week The Creative Wanderers get into integrity and move closer and closer towards artistic authenticity. They talk about the challenge and agony of reading deprivation and how they were forced to face who they are, discover more about themselves and their creativity.

Jo decides it is time to admit to having had an addiction to creativity sapping games on her phone & talks about visualising herself at eighty, deciding she would be Golden-Girls-esque and without a doubt living her best life.

Emilija gets to grips with not sweating the small stuff, goes deep diving into her emotions and finds herself enduring the dark night of the soul.

They discuss the importance of listening to your Morning Pages for signs of resisting change until you can’t ignore those niggling nudges any longer and find the courage to step outside of your comfort zone to face them full on.

As we creatively emerge from the chrysalis of self denial, Emilija and Jo liken artistic recovery to metamorphosis. Just like a caterpillar we disintegrate our clunky old self to become our true authentic self.

Walking the path of integrity is no small task. It requires honesty and transparency of feeling. It is always darkest before the dawn. Jo and Emilija encourage you to keep on walking towards that dawn.

Annarita Mazzilli is our featured creative this week. Annarita is a choreographer and dance lecturer by profession (Mazzilli Dance Theatre) and has been surrounded by art all her life as the daughter of a sculptor (Domenico Mazzilli) and having studied art back home in Italy (Institute of Art Pino Pascali -Bari).

Annarita’s visual art stylises natural and human forms to reflect her connection to nature, movement and her fascination with facial expressions as well as aspects of humanity as a means to express individuality and shared universality among different people, cultures and nature.

©Annarita Mazzilli, Silver & Pink

Floor patterns and feelings she has experienced while dancing, are also transferred to paper and used to dictate colours, moods and shapes. Her drawings usually encourage the spectator to take on an active role as they need to tilt and turn their heads to search for the many hidden faces and/or messages in a fantasy, garden-like world. The multiple points of view give freedom of choice, as each picture can be hung in multiple ways according to personal taste and its display can even be changed over time.

The Idea Store dance project video that Annarita choreographed can be viewed here:

Annarita’s social media links:

Facebook @mazzillidancetheatre

Instagram @mazzillidance

Don’t forget to tune into the next episode: Week 5 of The Artist’s Way — Recovering a Sense of Possibility.

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