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A saying goes that ‘all good things must come to an end”, and although we might wish to believe otherwise, this indeed is a bitter-sweet truth. The same goes for any journey one undertakes — eventually the time comes for our hero or heroine to Journey Back, experience Resurrection and Return with the Elixir. Endings are indeed New Beginnings as we turn to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey for guidance and inspiration.

Jo and Emilija close Season One of the Creative Wanderer Podcast with the Epilogue from The Artist’s Way. Now that we have reached the final pages of the…

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Land ahoy fellow Wanderers, you’ve made it! What a life changing adventure we’ve had! Thank you so much for packing your knapsack and wandering with us through The Artist’s Way, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.

We Creative Wanderers have managed to cover some serious ground. We’ve changed so much from the crumpled shells of our creative selves that we were when we embarked on this journey. We have emerged from our blocked artist chrysalises, our wings still wet, but ready to take our test flight.

In this penultimate episode, we explore recovering a sense of…

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We are almost at the end of our Artist’s Way journey, dear Creative Wanderers. We have travelled such a long way and this week has beautiful treasures in store for us. Now is the time to reap some wonderful creative rewards and pamper ourselves and our artist child within.

This week’s chapter reads like a love letter to our creative self. We have reached the point on our wanderings where we give ourselves permission to be artists. …

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Week Ten of the Artist’s Way seriously tests our mettle and our resolve to continue on the rest of the journey.

The Creative Wanderers enter The Dangers of the Trail and tackle some insidious beasts in the forms of Workaholism, Drought, Fame and Competition.

Emilija and Jo discuss addictions and the role our toxic behaviours play in blocking our creative expression. Unable to tame the fierce creative force inside of us, we very often reach for guilty pleasures to numb out and silence the voice of fear and creative anxiety. …

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It is week nine of the Artist’s Way and we are now sailing at a fast clip towards the finishing line. Emboldened by our discoveries and a sense of newly found freedom we may start feeling impatient. We may even want to rush our journey by cutting it short. This is where recovering our sense of Compassion enters and we are finally ready to face the biggest creative block of all — Fear.

We learn the importance of naming things by their proper names, especially when it comes to our inability to create art. Very often we call ourselves lazy…

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This week The Creative Wanderers embark on an epic adventure to recover their sense of Strength, through realising that they have survived creative losses and lived to tell the tale.

Emilija & Jo face the Ivory Power of academia head-on, breaking down the differences between intellectual and creative mindsets. They come to an understanding that people who choose to teach an artistic subject are very often blocked artists and creatives themselves and that many are stuck within shouting distance of their dreams.

They park their ego in the ‘ego-park’ and remind themselves that age is just a number and that…

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This week The Creative Wanderers explore the receptive and active skills and attitudes which help us connect to and with or creativity and art.

Emilija & Jo are reconnecting to their creative streams by getting to grips with the art of Listening. They discuss the importance of hearing past the noise of the internal ‘interference fluff’ to enable them to listen to their inner voice of creative inspiration.

They pick their way through the minefield of Perfectionism, which is strewn with our craving for approval from others. They come to an understanding that the ticking time bombs of ego and…

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What a juicy week this was for The Creative Wanderers, as they worked out their relationship with God, money and luxury.

They get theological and discuss their connotations of God, Universe, Life-Force, and they come to an understanding of ‘It’ by breaking the definition down and researching the derivation. Remembering that this ‘entity’, however one calls it, is on our side and wants us to create, because ‘It’ creates.

Emilija gets all ‘Star Wars’ and feels the force as she ‘sees beyond the physical’.

They deep dive into that major creativity blocker, Money and discuss how they have ancestral and…

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This week we encounter limitations on our creative journey. As we start to live more authentic lives, our creative expression yearns to spread its wings and take flight beyond the safety of our feathered nests. In order to do so we are required to leave behind our limited notions of what we are able to accomplish.

Our newly found creative expansion brings about the need to examine the rewards and pay-offs we get by staying stuck. It also asks us to stop using others as an excuse for our stunted career growth. We are reminded that the universe we live…

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This week The Creative Wanderers get into integrity and move closer and closer towards artistic authenticity. They talk about the challenge and agony of reading deprivation and how they were forced to face who they are, discover more about themselves and their creativity.

Jo decides it is time to admit to having had an addiction to creativity sapping games on her phone & talks about visualising herself at eighty, deciding she would be Golden-Girls-esque and without a doubt living her best life.

Emilija gets to grips with not sweating the small stuff, goes deep diving into her emotions and finds…

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